# 1

Hey !

Nice of you to come and visit.

This is going to be my first interaction with WordPress .Glad you could navigate through all that mind boggling/numbing  space of information out there.

Enough with my welcome speech.

Let me introduce you to myself. By ‘Myself‘ I mean the ‘Blogger.me/The.intellectual.me’. 

Yeah ,yeah ,I know . You want to know what the word Otaku means right ?

if  ( string reply =="Yes" )
     DiplayLink = .net ;
     System.println("cool") ;

So all briefed up I presume? I am a Manga Otaku.Not a  Anime Otaku. Neither a video game one.Certainly Not a Porn Otaku.I am also a high school student. Currently in the 11th grade .My fascination for Manga developed or more precisely ‘Evolved’ from my addiction for stories.

That is it. You now know me. You’ll Get to know me better later some time.Until then.

( If by any means you are interested about ‘me’ as in ‘Real.life.boring.me’ . Set sail. )

May Platform 9¾ be with you


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