I have finally got enough time to let my thoughts flow wild.

(If you wouldn’t count the 15 minutes that involve walking my dogs.

My Dogs.

Did i tell you about my dogs ? I’ve got two of them.Pastry and Kuki(That is a wierd phonetic transliteration of cookie).

Both of  them are bitches,German Shepard’s (Alsatians).

Gorgeous as Hell.

Ah Well, I could go on and on you know….)

I suppose I should begin….

My Words of Zen of the Day are:

Before you expect assistance be prepared to give assistance in return and in equal measure.

That sure is some cheap/deep shit ,the way you perceive it is all what matters.After two whole years(approx.) .I finally had the courage to kick my lazy ass back to work and go repair my Bicycle.(It actually took a fair deal of scolding that i got from my mother)

The next thing I knew  was walking out of the front door,forgetting the cycle keys,only to once again rush inside to fetch the keys.I unlocked the bike, looked at its withered and flat tyres.  They sure were a sore sight  with all the rubber cracks on them. I had to fill air into those shriveled tubes that brought to my mind  images of  anorexic teen girls.

Pushing and guiding a flat bicycle sure was hard work.Any one who’d dragged a flat cycle all the way from school in the afternoon heat sure knew that.I knew better.I hadn’t ridden my cycle to school for almost an year. I took the bus.It was much faster and much more comfortable.

I kept walking on the unpaved border of the hot tar road bustling with traffic.The sand or an odd pebble or so kept getting into my sandles.

I walked until i saw a group of people pumping air into their cycles.I was amused.I felt happy to see people with a similar plight as mine.I didn’t feel embarrassed nor did i feel out of place I felt like being one with my present.I walked closer and waited .I gazed around and my eyes met another man,I shifted my gaze to the ground, searched for his tyres ,I couldn’t see any signs of a flat, but oh well.

I looked at the others who were pumping away and looked at their tyres, there i saw it, i knew there was going to be this clinch and there it was.the pump did not have a nozzle that screwed into place but a conical funnel sort of nozzle with no clamping mechanism at all.what the hell was i going to do.I knew that I couldn’t fill my tyres alone.I looked around,it met familiar eyes once again,jackpot.I could ask him for help.



then i realized a lot later that what i expected.He would need help too.so when my turn came i asked him.

“Brother,A little help holding this in place,please?”


That was it.I filled my tyres.He looked at me ,There was no need to ask ,I knew and he knew it too, almost instinctively ,we had to help each other.And i helped him do his too.Too bad the poor guys tubes were punctured.But thats okay.

I finally realized ,we humans aren’t so bad after all.we’re pretty decent left alone amidst strangers.

It is only amongst strangers who know each other or when we are amongst friends, that we become mean creatures and loose that one bit of humane nature that we have.

I believe unity isn’t all good. It is in unity that men are able to muster courage to do evil , and it is in unity that an idle man is corrupted.Left alone humans are good after all.

United we fall left to ourselves we prevail.